Menemen (scrambled eggs Turkish style)

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My second attempt at cooking Turkish food. And a rather successful one at that. Not that there is much that can go wrong with scrambled eggs (tell that to all too many British ‘greasy spoon’ cafes that think microwaving is a legitimate form of cookery). Menemen is a rather delicious take on scrambled eggs, a meal that can be quickly thrown together for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Peppery, tomatoey eggs, served here a bit too wet for my liking (I am instinctively repelled by eggs that are just cooked), I have made and adjusted this to my taste (as with anything), this dish is usually served juicy, so be careful not to let the eggs dry up too much.

I forgot to take a picture, this image is true to my version of the dish, found on google images via


4 Large Eggs

4 Tomatoes

2 Long Green…

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