Steak Glorious Steak! Co-Starring, roasted broccoli, spiced potato wedges and garlic mushrooms.

I apologise in advance for my lack of exact measures, with meals like this I don’t tend to work like that, so any measures I do give are approximations. I usually just rely on eye adding if needs be and being stingy with things like salt that wield the power of ruining a meal with one shake too many, tasting as I go along.

So anyway I shall kick off with a lovely simple meal, rather a treat for my manfriend and I the ubiquitous Sirloin Steak!! (This sumptuous piece of meat wholly deserving of the capital letters it has acquired!)

The Sirloin is of course one of the greatest cuts of Steak one can acquire, and is without a doubt one handsome piece of meat. Something often eyed up, but seldom purchased due to the ever present lack of funds that usually besieges me. But not this week! The window shopper (food perv) in me was delighted to find fifty percent off in my local Co-Op, thank you there is a god!

After getting the steak home and eyeing it lovingly as it rested on my counter (bringing it down to room temperature ready to be cooked), I prepared my sides, which are of cause lesser in comparison, but just as important to the success of my meal. If I’m going to eat steak I’m going to do it properly!

First of all a couple of red skinned potatoes for some spiced potato wedges. I say spiced, in this case I am using my one stop, go to spice mix for these which is Caribbean Everyday Seasoning (or All-Purpose Seasoning depending on the brand). This seasoning saves a lot of dishes from the throwaway fate of the bland, perking it up with a mixture of salt, chilli, paprika, onion, celery, coriander and cumin (in no particular order). This should, however, come with a disclaimer as it can easily be overused, it is generally around 72% salt and so one should not be too liberal with this. I often mix it with extra paprika if I am going to use it for potato wedges, which I have done in this case. I have in the past made my own version of the spice mix in order to have control over the salt content using the spices listed above.

I recommend red skinned potatoes for everything!! They are especially great for wedges.


Spiced Potato Wedges

3 tbsp Olive Oil

Carribean Everyday Seasoning


Freshly Ground Black Pepper

couple of potatoes chopped into wedges

Put oil into largish bowl. Pour in seasoning (to taste). Mix to create seasoning coloured oil (red in this case). Add chopped potatoes. Dig your hands in and get messy until all potatoes are evenly covered. Transfer to baking tray in single layer. Cook on about 200 for at least 20 minutes. Poke with sharp object to check if cooked.

Next in my line up of sexy sides is roasted broccoli. This bits pretty simple just wash it, cut it, put it on a baking tray, drizzle with oil of choosing and roast until looks done, after about 10-15 mins (I am a little ad-hoc with these things but usually seem to get it right without looking at my watch, some might call it intuition, I call it a nose for smelling the almost burnt). Roasted broccoli is something only recently discovered by myself and has been gracing many a plate of mine ever since. This takes broccoli to a whole new level that I didn’t even know existed, silly me.

My final addition to this extravagant for the likes of me meal is a classic player in the sides game, the somewhat obvious choice, garlic mushrooms. Mushrooms and steak go together like, well mushrooms and steak, no analogy needed here to explain my choice, its pretty damn simple, yet always effective. Nevermind the fact that mushrooms are full of lovely nutrients such as selenium, copper, potassium and vitamin D and magically manage to retain them whether fried, grilled or microwaved, Oh My!

Garlic Mushrooms

4 tbsp Butter

Mushrooms, (about half a punnet)

2 Garlic Cloves

Parsley (fresh or dried, in my case dried)

Celery (or table) Salt and Freshly Ground Black Pepper

Slice mushrooms. Melt butter in pan. Add Garlic (crushed, or in my case grated due to lack of a garlic cutter). Add Parsley Add salt and pepper. Fry for a bit. Smell the nice smells. Add mushrooms. Stir until coated. Cook for around 5- 10 mins on low to medium heat (for me this is number three on the biggest ring of my electrical hob) until done.

Now for the Steak. This was cooked in a griddle pan so I could achieve the lovely liney effect Burger King is so good at. The griddle pan was then placed on the hob with the heat on high (about 5). I stroked my (room temperature) beauties in a little Everyday Seasoning and black pepper (black pepper will do if no Everyday Seasoning graces your cupboards). When the pan was hot I mercilessly threw my lovelies in and cooked them until medium rare. This is said to be around 3 mins on each side but a trick  as suggested by Harold McGee in his miraculous work of food reference and general knowledge, On Food and Cooking, is to turn the steak frequently in order to prevent overcooking, as this ensures neither side has the time to absorb or release large amounts of heat. This method unfortunately did not bode well for my of fancy lines (doh) but it does produce excellent results every time.

Steak glorious steak. A perfectly cooked Sirloin Steak is enlightenment ingested.Image


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